IELTS Speaking chủ đề Thể thao (Sports)

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Thông thường, những chủ đề thường thức (liên quan đến đời sống hằng ngày) rất hay xuất hiện trong phần SPEAKING IELTS. Tuy nhiên, không phải ở bất cứ lĩnh vực nào, chủ đề nào thí sinh cũng có thể dễ dàng diễn đạt được ý tưởng, đặc biệt là việc thiếu từ vựng dẫn đến việc không thể biểu lộ được hết những gì mình muốn nói. 

Bài viết này sẽ giúp bạn tìm hiểu về chủ đề SPORT (Thể thao) ở cả 3 phần: Part 1, Part 2 và Part 3. Từ đó, bạn sẽ có cái nhìn tổng quát hơn về nội dung thi nói IELTS ở chủ đề này. 

Part 1

  1. Do you like playing sports?

I am a big fan but to be honest, I’m not so good at playing sports. I do enjoy jogging as I believe it is a good way to meet new people and make friends. Since I was a kid, I have realized that practicing sports regularly does wonder for my health such as keeping me in shape, relieve back pain, refresh my mind, to name but a few. 

  1. What sports are popular in your country?

Well, I would say it is football. You know, football is regarded as the king of sports with millions of players as well as thousands of tournaments all over the world all year round. This is kinda easy to play, you just need a ball, some friends, and goals. This is definitely a competitive sport that is enjoyable to watch and play.

  1. What sports do you want to play in the future?

There are so many sports I would like to have a crack at. But the first one I have a strong desire to try is climbing Mt. Fuji – the highest peak in Japan. Its peak covered with snow all year round has attracted me at first glance. Also, I really enjoy the break-taking view below when reaching the summit, it would be much more satisfying and fulfilling. 

Part 2

Describe A Sporting Event you attended 

Sample answer: 

The sporting event I would like to talk about was a national club football tournament in my country that takes place every year.

Anyway, the sporting event took place about 5 years ago, when two of the best football clubs in my country clashed against each other in the final match of the national football tournament. When the game actually started, all the supporters of both teams were screaming and encouraging their respective teams as if they were bound to win. As a supporter, I also wanted my team to win at all costs.  Anyway, both teams were playing very “rough and tough” football that led to some unwanted “fouls” and some unfortunate “fistfight”.

I was getting nervous in the stadium because my team wasn’t exactly playing up to our expectations. Then, suddenly, the ball was passed to the main “striker” of my favorite team from nowhere, and a goal was scored by my team, leaving the supporters of my team completely ecstatic and crazy with the feeling of a possible victory. Anyway, I consider this sporting event to be interesting because we never know which team is going to win. Besides, I consider this sporting event exciting also because it attracts supporters from all over my country. Finally, it is interesting also because no other sporting event makes us as emotional as this one.

Source: IELTS Mentor

Part 3

What benefits do international sporting events bring?

Answer: International sporting events bring nations together and eliminate the tension and hostility among them. Such an event is highly popular and can be a great reason for people to enjoy the competition in the stadium. Thus such competitions foster tourism and help local businesses to flourish. 

The money professional sportsmen earn is significantly higher than that of other professionals. Is it justified?

Answer: I think very few fortunate sports celebrities earn a hefty amount of money while most others do not. Considering the training, dedication, challenge, and sacrifice that are part of their lives, the earning, in my opinion, is justified. We have to keep in mind that their career is short-spanned and they earn because they perform really well. 

Is there any violence at sporting events in your country?

Answer: Generally speaking, such violence is very rare in my country. However, disputes among fans are quite common and most of the time they are more verbal than physical. They often take social networking platforms and blogs to criticize their rivals. 

Some sporting events you can talk about:

  1. International cricket tournament
  2. Local cricket tournament (/county leagues)
  3. International football game.
  4. Local football league.
  5. Swimming sporting event.
  6. Shooting sports event.
  7. Hockey game
  8. Car race
  9. Badminton
  10. Table Tennis
  11. Cycling
  12. Long tennis or any other local sports you have in your country.

Some similar cue card topics

  1. Describe a game or sports you have watched on TV.
  2. Describe an international sports event you know about.
  3. Talk about a game you have participated in.
  4. Talk about a public event you enjoyed.
  5. Describe a competition or tournament you attended.
  6. Describe a sporting event you know about.
  7. Talk about a type of sport which is popular in your country.

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