Phân biệt Like và As

Đọc thêm các bài viết liên quan tại đây!

Like = similar to, the same as: 

  • What a beautiful house! It’s like a palace. (not as a palace) 
  • It’s real hot these days. I hate weather like this. (not as this) 
  • ‘What’s that noise?’ ‘It sounds like someone yelling.’ (not as someone yelling) 

Trong những ví dụ trên, like là một giới từ. Vì thế theo sau nó là danh từ (như palace), đại từ (như this) hoặc V-ing (như walking).

Đôi khi like được dùng để đưa ra ví dụ. Tương tự như such as: 

  • I have been visiting quite a lot of places like Dong Van, Lung Cu, Phong Nha cave. or such as Dong Van, Lung Cu, Phong Nha cave. 

As = in the same way as, in the same condition as. 

As được dùng với cấu trúc: as + subject (S) + verb (V)

  • I didn’t move anything. I left everything as it was. 
  • You should have done it as I showed you. 

So sánh likeas:

  • You should have done it as I showed you. or … like I showed you. 

but You should have done it like this. (not as this) 

We say as usual / as always

As đi kèm với usual/always chỉ mức độ thường xuyên. 

  • Jack manages logistics as usual
  • As always, Jane was the leader of the team.

Chúng ta dùng the same as something (giống như là cái gì đó) chứ không dùng the same like… : 

His notebook is the same as mine. (not the same like)  

Trong một số trường hợp as (+ subject + verb) mang những ý nghĩa khác nhau. Ví dụ, sau do

  • You can do as you like. (= do what you like) 
  • They did as they promised. (= They did what they promised.) 

Các cụm như as you know / as I said / as she expected / as I thought cũng được dùng thường xuyên: 

  • As you know, next month is my graduation ceremony. (= you know this already) 
  • As she expected, Jasmine got selected to the final round. (= she expected this before) 

As cũng có thể đóng vai trò như một giới từ (as + danh từ), nhưng nghĩa sẽ khác với like

  • As a taxi driver, I spend most of my working life in a car. (I am a taxi driver, it’s my job.) 
  • Everyone in the family wants me to drive them to places. I’m like a taxi driver. (I’m not a taxi driver, but I’m like one.) 

As (preposition) = in the position of, in the form of etc. : 

  • Many years ago I worked as a vlogger. (I was a vlogger) 
  • Many words, for example ‘work’ and ‘rain’, can be used as verbs or nouns. 
  • London is fine as a place to visit, but I wouldn’t like to live there. 
  • The news of the tragedy came as a great shock.


Bài tập:

Complete the sentences using like or as + the following: 

1 This house is beautiful. It’s like a palace

2 My feet are really cold. They’re________________________ . 

3 I’ve been playing tennis for years, but I still play ________________________. 

4 Marion once had a part-time job________________________ . 

5 I wonder what that building is. It looks________________________ . 

6 My brother gave me this watch a long time ago. ________________________a long time ago.

7 It’s very cold for the middle of summer. It’s________________________ . 

8 He’s 22 years old, but he sometimes behaves ________________________

Đáp án: 

2 like blocks of ice 

3 like a beginner 

4 as a tour guide 

5 like a theatre 

6 as a birthday present 

7 like winter 

8 like a child

 In some of these sentences, you need like (not as). Correct the sentences where necessary. Write ‘OK’ if the sentence is correct. 

1 It’s raining again. I hate weather as this. → I hate weather like this. 

2 You should have done it as I showed you. → OK 

3 Do you think James looks as his father? → ____________

4 He gets on my nerves. I can’t stand people as him. → ____________

5 Why didn’t you do it as I told you to do it? → ____________

6 As her mother, Katherine has a very good voice. → ____________

7 You never listen. Talking to you is as talking to the wall. → ____________

8 I prefer the room as it was, before we decorated it. → ____________

9 I’ll phone you tomorrow as usual, OK? → ____________

10 She’s a very good swimmer. She swims as a fish. → ____________

3 … like his father 

4 … people like him 

5 OK 

6 Like her mother … 

7 … like talking to the wall 

8 OK 

9 OK 

10 like a fish